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*clears throat* Hi everyone :) I have just found out about this community and I have joined. I am a fan of NDdP (especially the French version) since the end of 2010; I also love the Spanish version (from what I've seen on youtube) and I like Marakulin as Frollo in the Russian version. I have made some rhyming translations (into Russian of several of my most favourite NDdP songs, as well as edited a bit the official rhyming English translations of those songs. If anyone is interested, I can share them in my later posts. So as my intro post I have decided to share my short NDdP related fanfic. Please keep in mind that I write fanfics very rarely and English is not my first language. 
Title: The Choice
Couple: (kind've Frollo/Esme?)
Adaptation: Novel (Victor Hugo), some elements of NDdP musical
Summary: What if after Frollo's visit to Esmeralda things would have turned out differently?
Rating: PG, I guess. A reference to an adult situation, but nothing too graphic.
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08 May 2010 @ 02:25 pm
Hullo ladies and gentlegoats,

Here are some silly backstage photos of the 2009 Italian tour for you.  Enjoy!

italian,notre dame de paris,backstage

Sabrina da Siena and Ilaria Andreini: Eternal damnation never looked so inviting...

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19 February 2010 @ 05:41 pm
Man, how I wish there was You Tube vid of this performance.


And lolz at Marakulin and Makarsky in suits, while Garou turns up in jeans!
14 February 2010 @ 11:24 am
Here's the performance

I missed it because I was at work, and I didn't know he was going to perform until la_fille_qui mentioned it in her LJ post. asdfasf why did I have to miss it! D:

Quite fitting for him to perform in Canada, no? :]
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10 February 2010 @ 11:22 am
So, quite a while ago I set out to do a translation/revamp of the English lyrics for "Le Temps Des Cathédrales" (actually, I think the original is one of the better English translations but still... that doesn't say much).  I think my initial intention was actually to do a serious translation, but within one line it dissolved into sillyness (as things do!), so it ended up being a parody instead.  Anywho, I just rediscovered it on my hard drive and was mildly amused by it.  Hopefully, you will be mildly amused by it also. 

There are goat references....


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01 February 2010 @ 12:00 am
The last discussion was absolutely wonderful! There's a lot of great ideas being brought out, and I'm intrigued to see what stances you guys take on different aspects of the novel. We all read it from where we are in our lives, and it's always interesting to see that come out. There are never any right or wrong answers, which makes it even better. Onto this week's discussion! :D

In your opinion, what is the single event in the novel that changes everything? In other words, what do you think is that one defining moment in the novel/musical?
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30 January 2030 @ 03:09 am
Welcome to les_sanspapiers, LiveJournal's most active Notre-Dame de Paris community!

In this community, we welcome and encourage discussion regarding anything related to Notre-Dame de Paris: the original novel by Victor Hugo, the various musical and cinematic adaptations, ballets and other works of performance art, information and special interest posts regarding the actors/actresses and other persons of interest in the Notre-Dame realm of influence, and many more. Fan art, fan fiction, graphics, fan videos, et cetera, are also welcome. This community isn't meant to be stagnant, so please - jump right in! :D

Though not necessary, we'd really love if you could fill out a questionnaire to introduce yourself to the community. A few questions you could answer include:

01. Basic Information (Name, Age, Location (can be country or even continent))
02. How did you come across Notre-Dame de Paris?
03. How did you come across this community?
04. Favourite adaptation?
05. Favourite character? Least favourite character?
06. Other fandoms?
07. Anything you think we could do to improve upon or add to this community?
08. Any other items of interest?

Again, welcome, and have fun! ♥

- Moderators:

26 January 2010 @ 08:32 pm

It's the whole 1996 production with the awesome Laurent Hilaire (Manuel Legris as Phoebus is rather awesome too:)) Gorgeous costumes, settings, music, dancers, everything! As far as I know it's the only adaptation that shows Frollo kissing Esme, not only at the Phoebus-stabbing scene but also during the Porte Rouge scene too (on the whole 4 very passionate, Frolloey kisses. Yup, I've counted them and wished I was in Isabelle Guerin's place!) Also there are some very suggestive dancing moves of Frollo when he watches Esme and Phoebus flirting - he looks like he plunges a knife in his sides. That's the first timeI see a mention (albeit an obscure one) of the injuries Claude inflicts on himself, even though he did that during Esme's torture and not the night he stabbed Phoebus. Ah well...
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26 January 2010 @ 12:06 am
Can I just say how much wicked_seraph and I love you all? Seriously, thank you for keeping the community active and alive! ♥ I think jackks is on to something - I don't think I've ever seen such an active community for Notre Dame de Paris. Again, you guys totally take all the credit for that.

brooke messaged me a few weeks ago with a great suggestion to make the comm even better: every week, your lovely mods post a question for discussion. I've already seen some wonderful discussions in here, but I'd love to make it so everyone gets in it. I hope it doesn't sound like homework to you guys - I personally love peeling apart the play/book and examining it, though I'm not sure if the rest of you guys are game for it.

Anyhow~ our first question for the comm! After jackks's awesome post with Frollo, it only fits that the first question centers on "his" word: fate.

Do you think that it was fate that everyone's lives were essentially ruined in the wake of Esmeralda, or do you think that it was their own choices that sealed their destiny?
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Guys, you do realise that we likely win the trophy, medal and wooden spoon for being the most active English language Notre-Dame group on the net?

Anywho, have some Marakulin videos to make your Monday that little bit less dreary.  They're bootlegs, but close up, and pretty good image/audio quality, if somewhat wobbly.  The mini clip of his audition presumably comes from a Russian TV show.

First up Florence:

I do appreciate how the Russians put effort into ensuring the characters resembled their book selves somewhat e.g. a slender, blond Gringoire and a teenage Esmeralda.  And even when doing nothing but standing still, listening to Gringoire, Marakulin stays utterly in character.

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